My name is Amy and I’m the woman behind The Wholeistic Way. I'm a Kinesiology Major, a Holistic Nutrition student, ex-rugby player, runner, CrossFitter and baker extraordinaire. 


I was born and raised in the southeast of England, and now reside in Ontario, Canada, which, lucky for me, has resulted in a hybrid- Australian/Canadian accent. I’m a sports fan, dog obsessed and absolutely in love with a select few people that I’m fortunate enough to call my family and friends.

I am truly powered and driven by the notion that we can be the absolute best version of ourselves through living a holistic, balanced, all-around-amazing lifestyle; my hope is that I can pass along my knowledge, information and experience for you to integrate in your life, to ultimately create that healthy and happy person that you were meant to be.

Living ‘the wholeistic way’ means looking at life and health from a holistic view. It means approaching your well-being from all angles, and realizing that it’s all just one giant, beautiful and amazing puzzle.

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