• Amy

Beautiful Beet Date Balls

Updated: Feb 12, 2018

GF | DF | Refined-Sugar Free

So here we are people – Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. While I’m not a huge fan of V-Day, I do like it for the fact that well, chocolate is involved, and it means that we’ve officially survived the two worst months of the year. So, things are looking up, folks.

This year I wanted to create something a little fun that is perfect for Valentine’s Day but won’t necessarily leave you feeling sick from eating 16 Pink Himalayan Sea Salt Chocolates in a row. (I’m not saying I did that, but let’s just say I did that.)

These babies came to me because of my recent obsession with both of these ingredients: beets and dates! Beets are just the bomb, period. If you don’t like beets, then you can’t sit with us.

No no, I’m kidding. To be honest, I never used to like Beets. I always thought my Mum was the strangest woman because she would put pickled beets on everything – salads, sandwiches, cereal. Just kidding about the cereal, but you get the drift. She LOVES them, and very often just eats them straight out of the jar, like a boss.

Well fast-forward about 10 years and now, I CANNOT GET ENOUGH. Please, give me all the beets. They have become my absolute favourite – WAIT, second favourite – vegetable. Roasted, pickled, juiced, raw – they are the best! Not only are they incredibly nutrient dense and have some serious detoxifying superpowers, but they also turn everything the most beautiful shade of red. And TA-DA, here we are. The perfect snack to make for your Valentine, your girls, or yourself.

First, let’s chat about what makes Beets and Dates so incredible:

The Beauty of Beets

Whether you’re new to eating beets, or a seasoned beet eater, it’s always good to know what is going on in those little purple powerhouses. Beets are super rich in a variety of essential vitamins and minerals: Manganese, Potassium, Magnesium, Folate, Iron and Vitamin C, and they are also an excellent source of dietary fiber.

On top of that sweet line-up, they are also incredibly detoxifying as they contain phytonutrients that increase liver detox, which, as you can imagine, will aid your body in being more efficient at eliminating toxins, such as sugar, alcohol and caffeine.

The Details on Dates

As I mentioned in one of my recent Instagram posts, my obsession with Dates has reached an all-time high. Which isn’t necessarily a great thing, because good quality, organic, Medjool dates do cost a small fortune. (Ugh, why couldn’t I be obsessed with potato’s?) Anyway, these babies are incredible, not only because they are an all-natural sweet treat, but because they also provide a slew of nutritional benefits: promotes digestion, rich in iron and protein, and they provide an awesome shot of vitamins and minerals.

These Beautiful Beet Date Balls are a perfect, on-the-go snack. They are super portable, beautifully rich in colour and provide just enough sweetness to hit that mid-afternoon sugar craving. Enjoy!

Are you a big beet fan like me? Like me know what you think of this receipe. I hope you loved them as much as I do!