• Amy

Blueberry Lemon Flax Muffins

GF | DF | Refined Sugar Free

I have had many the request for these babies for a while now, so I figured it was time I posted these on the blog. I came across a similar recipe about a year ago, made them once, fell in love and these are now consistently in my rotation. They are super easy to make, full of fibre and protein, and not to mention, packed full of delicious blueberries with a sutble hint of fresh lemon. What more could you want?

As I mentioned in this blog post and on Instagram, muffins are my kryptonite, and I am ashamed to say that I used to eat them far too frequently during my university days. (And I don’t mean this healthy substitute, I mean the full fat, full sugar ones you can buy from Tim Hortons.) Oh, how I have learned.

For me, they are portable, bite-sized pieces of cake and I absolutely love them. I mean, who doesn’t like cake?

But while going to your favourite coffee shop or grocery store and picking one up is much easier, you are not doing yourself any favours. You’re looking at upwards of 350-450 calories, 25g + of sugar and 11g + of fat. And that is per muffin! Don’t be crazy people, we know better than that.

So, what is SO great about these? Well firstly, they’re packed full of dietary fibre from the oats, flaxseed and almonds, which will help keep you satisfied until your next meal. The coconut oil provides some heart-healthy fats and the blueberries provide that burst of flavour while providing an array of vitamins and minerals. I also make them with vegan vanilla protein powder when I want to up the protein content. And, as a bonus, the only ‘sugar’ you’ll find in these is a small amount of pure maple syrup – ugh, so good. You can have 2 of these and still feel like the healthiest human to grace the planet.

They are also the perfect mid-morning or mid-afternoon snack, and are even better when you eat them with a little natural almond butter. Mmm, heaven.

This recipe is adapted from Joyous Health, but with some minor WW tweaks. They are gluten free*, vegan and refined-sugar free. Of course, they are MUCH more delicious when blueberries are in season (April-September), but during the winter months I use frozen berries instead. (Just be warned, frozen blueberries will likely turn them a lovely shade of blue. But that doesn’t change the taste, they are still amazing.)

I hope you love these beauties and they become part of your regular snack rotation as well. Let me know what you think!

*Let’s chat about oats for a hot second. I know a lot of people are trying to limit the amount of gluten/wheat they consume in their diet, which is awesome and I full support it. But, unless you have a celiac allergy, eating oats not labeled ‘Gluten Free’ will not kill you, and will not derail your diet. Do not kill yourself or pay a fortune trying to find special “gluten free oats”. Inherently all oats are gluten free, however, where there is a difference is that most conventional oats may be grown or transported in conditions that introduce gluten, so contamination could come into play. There isn’t some special gluten-free variety of oats, they are designated this way because their processing has kept them free of wheat contamination. If you are in the 1% of the population that is diagnosed celiac, then yes, purchasing oats labeled ‘Gluten Free’ is a good idea. If you are within the other 99%, you’re in the clear to purchase any oats you can find, even if you try to live a primarily gluten-free lifestyle. *Insert thumbs up emoji*