• Amy

Cranberry & Date Breakfast Cookies

I have to admit, it feels so great get back in the kitchen and flexing my ‘recipe development’ skills again. I took some time off from recipe creation so I could focus on my health, and then once I was feeling in a better space mentally, we got a puppy, the pandemic hit, work became crazy and there seems to be no extra hours in the day to prioritize the creation of new recipes. (Sigh!) Anyway, I managed to get 6 whole days (yes, 6 days!) off from my full-time job and seeing as there is not much to do outside of the house right now anyway, I decided to finally prioritize The Wholeistic Way! That’s right - writing new blog posts, getting back into studying for my holistic nutrition certification, and the creation of new recipes. Which leads me to this beauty: Cranberry & Date Breakfast Cookies.

Seriously ya’ll, I love any excuse to have a cookie for breakfast. I always try to make a new ‘breakfast cookie’ recipe whenever I can, as not only are they usually fully-loaded with nutritional ingredients, but they are also way more fun to eat in the morning! A couple of my favourites are the Good Day Breakfast Cookies from Joyous Health, as well as the Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies from one of my favourite runner-inspired cookbooks, Run Fast Eat Slow. (If you are a runner, an active person in general, or just love to find new cookbooks, do yourself a favour and buy this one. I am yet to make a recipe I didn’t like!)

You might be thinking, “A cookie for breakfast? That doesn’t sound healthy”, but alas, it can totally be a healthy breakfast option. Don’t think of these cookies as your usual sugar-laden chocolate chip cookie – instead these, as well as the others I listed above – are loaded with nutrient dense foods, as well as sweetened with more natural, less-processed options. They are not meant to be a dessert-style cookie, so remember that them making them. Plus, the great thing about this recipe, is that they can easily be frozen which make them a great option if you are on-the-go, busy or just juggling so much in the morning that you can’t seem to find the time to squeeze in a breakfast. Just grab one of these from the freezer, let it sit out for about 30 minutes to warm up, and go to town.

Here is the recipe for you, but keep scrolling if you’re interested to learn more about these babies:

The Power of Dates

I love baking with dates. They are such a powerful little food and something that I did not fully appreciate until I was an adult. I have fond memories of my Mediterranean-born Granddad chomping down on dates throughout the day, and as a kid, I thought he was absolutely crazy. Well, now as an adult, I totally get it. While I don’t just eat them as-is like Granddad Charlie did, I do bake with them every chance I can get.

So, what is so great about dates? Dates are fantastic for balancing your blood-sugar levels, but they also provide such a nice little sweetness to your baking – probably why holistic nutritionists love baking with dates so much. Dates are also a fantastic source of antioxidants (if you want to dig deeper into the importance of antioxidants, check out this blog post here), as well as choline, a B vitamin that’s a component in acetylcholine, the memory neurotransmitter. So, dates also provide a great little boost for your brain!

Finally, if you are looking for a portable, pre-workout snack, grab a date! They are jam-packed with carbohydrates that will sustain you through a tough workout. Eat two dates, 30 minutes before a workout and see how you feel!

What’s the deal with Spelt Flour?

Spelt flour is a staple in my baking-cupboard and for good reason. Spelt is an ancient grain, and a member of the same family as wheat, barley and rye. Although spelt flour is not a gluten-free flour option, it is more water-soluble than wheat, which makes it easier for the body to digest. (I usually have a hard time digesting wheat but am fine with spelt.)

Spelt also has a tougher husk than wheat, which helps protect the nutrients inside the grain during the processing phase. Nutrients such as calcium, magnesium, selenium, zinc, iron, manganese, vitamin E and niacin, are all found in spelt. Taste-wise, spelt flour has a nutty, slightly sweet flavour, and the nice thing is, it can be used as an equal substitution in most recipes that call for all purpose or whole wheat flour.

So, next time you’re at the grocery or health-food store, grab a bag of spelt flour for your next baking adventure.

I can't wait to hear with you think of the recipe. Don't forget to snap a photo and tag The Wholeistic Way on Instagram. Enjoy!