• Amy

Super Easy DIY Dry Shampoo

Updated: Jan 19, 2019

At this point I’m sure you’ve all heard of the little magic product that is Dry Shampoo. It’s magic, in a bottle. Enough said.

As someone who has fairly fine hair and tends to workout and get sweaty on the regular, I don’t love having to wash my hair every single day. As I’m sure all of you can agree, it’s a pain in the ass, not great for your hair and a royal waste of precious time. So, when I was introduced to Dry Shampoo over 7 years ago, I truly thought it was a gift from the heavens. It allows you to still have good looking hair, without actually having to wash it? Sign me up.

Now at the time I wasn’t too interested about the ingredients that were going on my body. I was becoming more in-tune and focused on the foods I was eating and what was going in my body, but I was yet to learn about the harmful effects of products that were going on my skin. It was my lovely Mum who opened my eyes to that. At the time she was enrolled in a 6-week course that was teaching her all about living a clean life from the inside-out. Every week she was coming home with a new tid-bit of information, and – as I was living at home at the time – I was seeing first-hand the results of her learning's. Gradually I noticed a transformation in my parents: their home, food and nutrition, cleaning products, containers, use of the microwave, sugar consumption, and lastly, the products they were using on themselves. It was truly a life changing course for her and our family.

As time went on I gradually became more knowledgeable about personal care products and ingredients (seriously, I could talk about it for hours), yet something that I always seemed to overlook was my Dry Shampoo. I’m not sure why, but it never really occurred to me that the ingredients in store-bought Dry Shampoo’s could be toxic. (Insert face palm.) And surprise, surprise, they are. We’re looking at ingredients like propane, isobutane, added fragrances and parabens, to name a few. All toxic, and all completely avoidable.

So, I had to find a replacement product, STAT. I did my research, found some recipes and I created my own. Ta-da! And I’ve never looked back.

This DIY Dry Shampoo is super effective, much cheaper than store-bought products, easy-as-pie to make, completely natural and non-toxic AND you can truly use it every day (or more, if you’re on day 3, 4 or 5!) without worry. It’s a win-win!

But first, let’s chat about the main ingredients you will find in store-bought Dry Shampoo’s and why you should probably steer clear:


Added as a propellant to any product that ‘sprays’ – think hairspray, dry shampoo, bug spray or spray sunscreen. Not incredibly terrible in the grand-scheme of terrible ingredients, but it’s not a winner either. It is highly irritative to the skin, eyes and lungs and can be very toxic to the organs. If there is really no need for it, then ditch it!


Another propellant like propane, but this one is substantially worse. Again, highly toxic to the organs and is even restricted in some cosmetics for it’s toxic behaviour.

Added Fragrances

Probably added to mask the propane and/or isobutane, whenever you see the word ‘Fragrance’ listed, it could mean any number of added chemicals or toxic ingredients. Yikes. It’s very difficult to tell what the ingredients are, which is pretty scary. Added fragrances can lead to allergies, immunotoxicity, irritation (skin, eyes, or lungs) and organ system toxicity.

So, here is my super easy tutorial for DIY Dry Shampoo. The container I use can be purchased from the Dollar Store as a spice jar (comes in a pack of 3), or you could just use an old spice jar. (Just make sure you give it a good clean first, otherwise you'll start smelling like last weeks Curry.) As for the Essential Oil, use whatever your heart desires. My current favourite is the Arbonne Harmony Blend - it’s a blend of orange, lavender, rosemary, and ginger and smells SO fresh and invigorating. But really, any of your favourite Essential Oils will work.

Make this bad boy this weekend, throw away your current crappy Dry Shampoo (oh hush, you won’t miss the $10) and don’t look back! Make sure you check the recipe below for adjustments depending on your hair colour, and let me know what you think.

Fun fact: Last year I made the poor decision to cut my bangs right before I went travelling for 2 weeks around Italy and Greece, (see =>) and let’s just say, this baby saved me. So, I can confirm, it’s travel friendly! (But not carry-on friendly, you might get some real sketchy looks from security if you try travelling with this in your carry-on.)

Are you a big Dry Shampoo fan? Have you given this DIY a try? Comment below and let me know your thoughts.